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Oregon Fishing has served in the guiding and fishing industry for over 30 years. Throughout these years we have developed close relationships with the manufacturers we represent. Manufacturers who understand the importance of providing quality fishing gear and stand behind their products.  Our goal is to provide our customers with proven quality products that we personally use, that are field-tested and guide approved. We appreciate your business. 

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Attention Bucksbag Shoppers and Pontton Boat Owners, The Southfork, Sawtooth the Bronco Extreme 9, currently listed on www.oregonfishing.com are the only three pontoon boats available for this year with an expected 3 to 4-week delivery time.

Pontoon Boat Accessories the Motor Mount, Anchor Mount, and Wheel Attachment will be a made-to-order item with the same expected delivery time; all other accessories are available and will ship within a few days.

Bucksbag seems impossible to get a hold of these days so if you are searching for an item please (only) email me with your questions and I will be more than happy to help you out.

(PLEASE NOTE) When you place your order with Oregon Fishing, I will check on the availability of the item and correspond with you by e-mail. Order transactions/CC Cards funds (WILL NOT) be collected until your order ships. (Guaranteed)

Oregon Fishing is an honest company and is here to help our fellow anglers 

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Bucks Bags Bronco Extreme 9

FREE SHIPPING (3 to 4 Weeks Delivery Time)


Bucks Bags Southfork

Free Shipping (3 to 4 week Delivery Time)


Bucks Bags Sawtooth

FREE SHIPPING (3 to 4 Weeks Delivery Time)


K-Pump 100

(Free Shipping)


K-Pump 200

(Free Shipping)


Bucksbag 2 - Piece Aluminum 6-ft. or 7-ft. Oars ...

(Free Shipping) Currently (OUT OF STOCK ON ALL OARS)


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