The Launching Gear is made of heavy duty aluminum and mounts securely to the bottom of your frame allowing the wheel to fold up out of the way. The support forks are strong and will support your pontoon boat while in transit. The pneumatic wheel and high quality Delrin bearing allows you to maneuver your boat through various terrains. USA made and only weighs 7.6 pounds. Please choose from the listed models below


  • LG-1 / Fits Leigh Outdoor, Skookum Guide, & The Creek Company ODC 816 & 1018.
  • LG-1A / Fits The Creek Company ODC SPORT
  • LG-2 / Fits early Bucks Bags
  • LG-2B / Fits 2003 and newer Bucks Bags & Skookum Steelheader
  • LG-3 / Fits Outcast and Dave Scadden (except Bimini Twist, Roaring Fork, and Cardiac Canyon)
  • LG-5 / Fits Water Skeeter, Orvis, Copper River, Colorado, and Skookum Osprey boats
  • LG7 / Fits Water Skeeter Guide Pro Series (Large Frames)
  • LG-5X / Fits Water Skeeter (mounts to anchor cross member to allow use of creel or under the seat)
  • LG-8 / Fits Dave Scadden Bimini Twist, Roaring Fork and Cardiac Canyon (without motor mount)

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